Don’t Let Mold Fester in Your Property

Find mold removal services in Waterford Twp & Pontiac, MI

If Environmental Affairs, LLC discovers mold in your home or business building, we’ll remediate it ASAP. Our team will:

  • Remove your drywall or carpet
  • Apply fungicides
  • Clean up the existing mold
We’ll remove every trace of mold we find so your family or employees can breathe easier.

Call us now to schedule mold removal for your home or business in Waterford Twp, Michigan.

Prevent mold from returning

While Environmental Affairs can remove mold from your property, you need to change the current conditions inside your property to keep it from returning. That’s why we also offer preventive measures and will educate you on how to prevent mold from forming again. We recommend:

  • Drying wet areas quickly
  • Monitoring the indoor humidity
  • Directing water away from your home or business building
If you follow these steps, you won’t have to worry about repeat mold issues.

Hire our certified mold removal specialists to service your Waterford Twp, Michigan property today.